Water-fed Pole Systems are used for cleaning windows, signage and even cladding – at heights up to 15m – without using ladders, scaffolding or expensive cherry pickers. The poles are telescopic and can reach heights of 15 meters. They incorporate a cleaning brush and a water supply. Pure Water is pumped through jets in the brush at the top of the pole, where it is sprayed onto the glass. The brush contacts with the surface of the glass and frames, and lightly agitates the surface, loosening the dirt. Any dirt or dust particles are flushed away by the constant stream of pure water. Only pure water allows for spot-free cleaning and a sparkling finish.


  • No step ladders or expensive equipment required.
  • Environmentally friendly system using no chemicals.
  • Process efficiency results in savings as no expensive equipment is required.
  • No safety and Hazard risks as all workers operate from the ground.
  • We only use 100% pure water which results in the highest standard of cleaning available globally.
  • We clean from the smallest buildings up to 4 storey buildings
  • No invasion of privacy as we operate only from the ground level.


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